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  1. Ski racks that work with factory rack

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Hey I am looking at an 02 CR-V I want to take it riding with me so I need a rack. Anyways a spare tire system is to much money for to little quality. I have decided to buy the Honda factory rack and put on a ski rack can anyone tell me if these racks will bolt on without a need for adapters...
  2. Warning buzzer doesnt work

    my battery went flat yesterday for seemingly no appartant reason, i replaced the battery car started and runs fine however now the warning buzzer that goes off when you leave your lights on for instance isnt working Could this be a fuse or can someone let me know where to look thanks
  3. cd player does not work sometime

    Mobile Electronics
    i have 99 crv ex model probelm is, sometime my cd player does not work ,like when i put cd in player after its says on screen, error and then cd come out. and after 10 -15 minutes i try same cd /other it works fine. some time its not work at all so i just turn it off . so if u have some clue...
  4. Real time 4WD : does it really work?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hi everyone, After much research about asymmetric 4WD systems like the one on the CR-V, RAV-4 and others, I strongly suggest reading the May 1999 article from C&D before spending the extra $1200 on the 4WD. Make sure you really understand the pros and cons of 4WD/AWD before needing it. And I...
  5. MP3/WMA does not work

    Problems & Issues
    We just got our new 2007 CRV-EX and it is great! We are having a problem. We cannot get our MP3 player to work. Is there a special adapter that is required? I have a mini stereo jack that I have plugged into the headphone jack of the MP3 player and connected that to the ACC jack in the...