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  1. Installed a 3rd party set of roof rails. Should I be worried about the trim?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Just installed a set of these: So it installs a bit different than the oem ones, as in the oem ones cover the entire piece of trim that you have to remove to install. With these rails I had to cut...
  2. Purchasing a 2015 CRV - worried about the CVT

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi folks I haven't picked it up yet, but was excited about my purchase until I read concerns about the CVT transmission. How have you found it? Thanks
  3. Worried about the CRV

    Problems & Issues
    About 2 months ago I took my wife's recently purchased 04 CRV to a local garage for an oil change. Shortly after the job was done the engine light came on. She took it back to them and they said it was for low oil, which was a false result, reset the code, and she left satisfied. Yesterday I...
  4. Worried - strong vibration/rumble above 70 MPH

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    A new problem popped up today, the most worrying thus far. I usually drive in fairly congested areas, so I seldom go very fast. But this weekend, we went away and had a chance to drive it at higher speeds on the highway for an extended time. The car exhibits a very strong vibration accompanied...
  5. 2010 LX, front door speaker replacement, worried about weird shape of the opening

    Mobile Electronics
    Found instructions here Looks like the OEM speaker is held by a single screw, and isn't entirely round. What does this mean for the replacement, will a standard...
  6. Worried about paint peeling in the future

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Is thinking about getting the paint and fabric protection extended warranty. I don't won't to see my investment (baby) possibility of the paint peeling off. Is it worth it? What are your suggestions. Thx for ur feedback.
  7. Should I be Worried About This?

    Problems & Issues
    I had the windshield replaced on my '12 CRV EX (long story) and I've noticed that the trim on the bottom edge of the windshield is raised a bit off the surface of the windshield. Normally I'd drop everything to get them to fix it, but it was a big enough of a pain to get it done in the first...
  8. Worried about 2001 Honda CRV LX just purchased

    Problems & Issues
    Just purchased a 2001 Honda CRV LX.The truck has 106k miles on it and runs fine.The previous owner took good care of it and had all the recommended maintenance done.When I bought it I noticed that she had already done the 105k maintenance where Honda adjusted the valves and etc.After reading...
  9. New CV-R owner worried about Gear box and clutch problems

    Diesel CR-V
    I am about to collect my new (used) CR-V from the local Honda dealer tomorrow. It is a 2007 i-CTDI EX 6-speed manual with 47000 miles on the clock and all the bells and whistles that come with the EX. I test drove it the other day, and was pretty happy with it, although a little surprised...
  10. Hey guys i have a 2010 crv lost of power im very worried

    Problems & Issues
    hey guys first off i bought my 2010 crv 2wd automatic in san jose,ca 10 months ago with 11 miles on it. i broke it in correctly and everything. about the 4th month in the powersteering started to leak and i brought it in and the honda dealership replaced it under warranty and replace the...
  11. Strange clicking noise? Should I be worried?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, I recently bought (like 16 days ago) a 2005 Honda CR-V EX (~49000 miles). I'm not sure if this has always been there but it was only a couple of hours ago that I realized a strange "clicking" noise. I've never noticed this before until earlier. The problem: Should I be worried about...
  12. Starter Motor Damage - Worried sick

    Maintenance and Service
    A couple of nights ago my family attended a concert in LA. As we were directed to park in a particular spot by the attendant, I noticed another car backing into me. I panicked and wanted to back away from that car. Thinking I had turned off my engine, I turned the key and cranked my V for...
  13. CR-V ’07 I like the Tailgate Spoiler but worried about drilling

    I really like the look of the tailgate spoiler but I'm worried about all that drilling going on in the tailgate. Would there be any rust issues? Will it have any adverse effect? I would probably have it installed at the dealership Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks