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  1. We found GearWrench ratcheting wrench sets for 67% off

    Vendor Deals
    Regardless of the DIY on your list, more often than not a set of ratcheting wrenches will make your life at least a little easier. They aren't an essential for a starter tool kit, but more of a way to expand your kit and improve on efficiency. If you're in the market, we found this set of...
  2.'s Budget Friendly Torque Wrench Pick is On Sale

    Vendor Deals
    We just spotted an favorite 1/2" drive torque wrench on sale via The Tekton 1/2" drive torque wrench is rated for 10/150 ft.-lb. and features sturdy all metal construction. With the current 29% discount, it's priced at only $28.50! Read More About The Torque...
  3. Looking for a Fellow Mechanic or Wrench Mate near Portland, OR

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hey there. I am located near Portland, OR and I will be doing my timing chain in the next year (I started planning early) or so and am looking for someone to lend a hand doing the work. I would like to lend a hand with any repairs you may be performing as well. I can perform repairs at my work...
  4. Spark Plug Torque Wrench - 2006 CRV EX FWD

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello, I am looking to replace the spark plugs on my 2006 CRV EX FWD. I bought the car used with 135k miles. The fuel economy is poor 16.6mpg in town driving. Yuk. I believe they are to be tightened to 13 foot pounds or 156 inch pounds. So the age old question about torque wrenches...
  5. Wtb...........two piece lug wrench

    Trading Post
    For my CRV, sorry I don't do craigslist. Hopefully you got them lying around, maybe a Part's [email protected] Thank's, David g.
  6. So I finally got the Wrench, A & 1 lights

    Maintenance and Service
    I know, another first oil change question and I did do a search with no success. 2014 with 5980 miles. 7 months old. If I'm reading the manual right it seems to be saying the A means change the oil only, not the filter. Is that correct? Seems odd to change the oil and not the filter. Also...
  7. Stuck Oil Filter, need wrench reccomendation

    Problems & Issues
    I've always used a cup-type adapter that goes over the end of the oil filter with a 3/8 rachet and it's always worked. I've tried both my metal and graphite cup type with no success, they just spin with out loosening the filter. On my 2005 CRV, the only way to get at the filter is from the end...
  8. Red wrench just went on - how long do I have to do the oil change?

    Maintenance and Service
    I know it comes on at the 15 pct mark. how much wiggle room do you have? I was planning on a 800-900 mile trip tomorrow, Sunday, when places are closed. Can this oil change wait til I get back on Wednesday , about 800-900 miles later? crv 2011 4wd, LX.
  9. Wrench size for '99 fuel filter

    DIY Center Discussion
    Is the Flare nut size on the bottom of the filter 14mm? I had a 9/16 flare nut wrench and that worked but it seemed loose. I rather get the corect size for the future.
  10. Honda CR-V 2002 oil filter + wrench

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi; What oil filter should be used on CRV 2002? And what filter wrench should I get to open it? Thanks
  11. Oil filter wrench

    Maintenance and Service
    Wondering if I can use my existing wrench? It's like this: Is there enough room to swing this type? Enough room for a strap wrench? Or do you need a can wrench that fits over the bottom and you use a socket wrench on it? Thanks
  12. Oil Filter Wrench - 1999 CRV

    Maintenance and Service
    I was going to change the oil but the filter location is really tight. None of my current wrenches will fit in the space. Is there a Honda or NAPA part number for this wrench. Thanks, Jim
  13. torque wrench setting for valve adjustment locknut B20B8 engine

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Hi, I'm adjusting the valve lash on our 1999 CR-V and looking for the above torque wrench setting. A few years back I purchased the Chilton manual #30300 for the vehicle which includes this torque wrench setting for the 4 cylinder Odyssey (7 x 0.75mm @ 14 lbf.ft) but I can't see any mention of...
  14. Filter wrench

    Maintenance and Service
    For those of you that have the Filter wrench from HandA, does it go on and off easily? I bought a 14mm from my local NAPA because of the cost of the Honda wrench and the shipping but it just is too hard to use. Practically have to put it on with a rubber hammer. Anyone know how much one is...
  15. 2008 CR-V B16 - which torque wrench should I buy?

    Maintenance and Service
    Recently at just a little over 20k miles my maintenance minder has come on with a B16. I have looked in the manual and found that this means a number of items. I called my local Honda Stealership (the one that wants me to change my oil at 5k miles minimum, but that is another thread) and tried...
  16. wrench light how to turn it off?

    Problems & Issues
    how do you turn off the wrench light after you've had an oil change? Where I take the car they don't know how or won't rest the light. Please help it blinks all the time and is distracting. thank you for any help.
  17. Oil Filter Diameters & The Need For A Wrench

    Maintenance and Service
    Will a genuine Honda filter have the same diameter as another brand filter made for the CR-V? If so, what is the standard diameter for the 07' oil filter? I ask because I'm debating whether I should buy a filter wrench adapter (I know H and A has one that fits the Honda filters) but don't want...