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  1. Don't be too quick to write off your starter motor...

    Maintenance and Service
    The CRV has been making a small 'gear' type sound at the end of cranking for a while now, not every time and mostly when its below zero but still, I feared damage to the flywheel teeth if I didn't get it fixed. Imagine my joy when I realised how big a job it is to swap out a starter on a CRV...
  2. Help, been looking, can't find one. Need a DIY write up for Starter replacement

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    2007 Honda CR-V, starter motor replacement. DIY write, what tools are needed, etc. THANKS!!! in ADVANCE!!
  3. Copy of DIY Timing belt write up.

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, Does anyone know what happened to in the last few days? I was all set to do my timing belt tomorrow on my 99 lx, any of course, that is down with their fantastic write up on how to change it. Does anyone have a write up or a copy of that one? I read that one...
  4. How to write a complaint about honda dealership?

    Dear Honda:
    Folks, I am in the marketing for a new CR EX-L, Navi, 2wd, with apparently a unique combination of opal exterior/beige interior. Today I experienced truest form of bait and switch, and would like to file a formal compliant with honda. If there is a way, preferable on-line or via e-mail, to file...
  5. Need DIY Fog Light write up

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Planning on installing myself the Honda fog light kit for a 2007 CR-V. Any feedback, experience and word of advise would help and would be appreciated. Thanks