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  1. CD won't eject due to CD put in wrong side up

    Problems & Issues
    My daughter put a CD in with the wrong side up and now it won't eject. I have a 2005 CRV LX. I tried looking inside the small opening and try to see it to grab with some tweezers but cannot see the edge of the CD. Any suggestions on how to get the CD out?
  2. HELP! I don't know what is wrong!

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys! So I have a 1998 Automatic FWD CRV I've been fixing up over the past few months. So I'll occasionally take it out on a short drive to keep the battery charged, and to see how its runs, etc. But a few times it starts acting weird, and it acts like its slipping. Then it starts jumping...
  3. 2004 EX - HU install gone wrong

    Maintenance and Service
    Okay so I just got my 4th CR-V (RIP previous total losses) and got a new head unit to go in it. While I was installing the new HU, I managed to accidentally touch the LIVE ground wire to the yellow 12V wire (that's what I get for being lazy, I know). I've owned a CR-V since I learned to drive...
  4. What could be Wrong with my CRV? P1259 ,problem with Vtec?

    Problems & Issues
    Ever since I bought my 2003 honda crv 2.0 It didnt seem to have its full power and had somekind of few milisecond lag from when pressing the accelerator pedal till it actually started to accelerate. But yesterday decided to do a really long trip and it after few hundred miles my car went in to...
  5. Rear Wiper blown fuse, changed fuse and now wiper runs slowly and stops in wrong plac

    Problems & Issues
    My wife's '07 CRV has had a rear wiper that hasn't worked. I checked it out a little today and noticed the fuse was blown. I replace the fuse and tested it out and the wiper ran. But it's running slowly and will stop in random spots instead of all the way down on each side. She told me it was...
  6. Wrong gear?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, My 2000 crv with MT has 230,000 mi. on it. Just put the second timing belt in it. Had to have it done at a non-honda shop. (wife wouldn't let me get it towed to a dealer - closest is 150mi.) Seems to be running fine except in the wrong gear, in second it is real happy cruising at...
  7. Can you figure out what is wrong with my car?

    Problems & Issues
    Hey all! To start off this forum is excellent in regards to the people and the knowledge they have. That being said I have a question, that hopefully I can get some advice on. I have a 2006 AWD Cr-V Auto trans. 119000 miles I noticed while getting up and heading to work that the tranny has...
  8. Wrong wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    I have a 02 CRV. Had my right front wheel bearing and hub replaced. The guys had trouble getting the rotor off. Then with the new bearing and hub on, they tell me the bolt pattern on my DC Wheels don't line up. They say all the studs are slightly bent!! They're 5 X112 wheels from an Audi or...
  9. engine mounts wrong bolt size

    Maintenance and Service "][/URL] 99 crv auto/2wd Both lower mounts shot, bought beck Arnley replacements for this model. I.D. of mount bigger than O.D. of mount shaft. Anyone have this issue before? The old...
  10. 99 CR-V overheating and the radiator fans not running...what's wrong?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there! My experience with my 99CRV has been great, it's 173k mile, changed timing belt and water pump around 90k, and its temperature gauge never move during driving (always around 50%)...until today. It was 90F today and I drove with 2 passengers, uphill bumpy road for a long time with A/C...
  11. cv boot replacement gone wrong! please help

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    2001 crv, auto. Just replaced my right cv boot. Put the axle back in, put it in neutral from park to clean up the rotor, and the hub started turning like it was in drive. Didn't think anything of it. Put it all back together. When i decided to take it for a test drive, started hearing some...
  12. Hands Free Bluetooth. What are we doing Wrong?

    Mobile Electronics
    My dad has just picked up a CR-V ES with Sat Nav & Bluetooth. He has a Blackberry mobile phone. He has successfully paired the phone to the car and imported the phone book. When we select "Search" on the screen and then the "Blackberry" entry I can see all the names. Under my name for...
  13. Audio System Screen has Wrong Display and Won't Change

    Problems & Issues
    I accidentally put the clock as the wall paper and I can't get the screen back to the factory default on my 2012 Honda CR-V. I can no longer see the XM radio channel and the details of the programs. The function to re-set to default doesn't work. So I tried disconnecting the battery for 15...
  14. Tachometer vs Speedometer seems wrong on Instrument Panel

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    On my 2011 CRV EX AWD, I just noticed that the tachometer read 700 rpm's , when the speedometer was at 0 mph. I stopped on a country road & started again without touching the gas pedal. Sure enough, I went about 1/4 mile without my foot on the gas pedal. Is this normal? If so, what is the...
  15. I Put The Wrong Grade Of Oil In

    Maintenance and Service
    I changed my oil last week and just today I discovered that I had bought 5W30 instead of 5W20. It is in there now . What are your opinions of this. Leave it until next oil change at 50% on the minder thingy or dump it and go back to 5W20 now. .
  16. What is wrong with 1998 Honda CRV? Idles fine at first and then idle drops and shakes

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all! I have a 1998 Honda CRV, 130k miles. Just recently the car started having an issue. I was driving it last night with no problems. Then I parked at a store and was inside for about an hour. As I was heading home and after about 1/4 mile driving down the road, when I stopped at a stop...
  17. NEED HELP!! Timing Belt job done- WRONG!!

    Problems & Issues
    Ok, so I followed the Haynes, the posts here, etc... Got everything back together, started it up with tranny in neutral, as it says to do...engine ran and sounded beautiful. I put it in reverse and back down my very steep driveway, put in D4....and CRAP!!! Engine has NO power! It barely crawled...
  18. What am I doing wrong

    Greetings & Introductions
    Not new here. But got a new CRV. Tried to change my profile. Edit Detail. Model year. Only shows 1997 to 2009. How do I get to 2011? Thks.
  19. Whats wrong with my CRV?? Sounds!

    Problems & Issues
    Vehicle: 2010 Facelift 2.0L CRV A/T Equipments on board that may be the cause of this: 1) Auto Dual Climatic AirConditioning 2) Honda Under-carriage (more like under-bumper) steel protective plates Apart from the constant sound of water-flowing while turning the vehicle, i just notice yesterday...
  20. What else can go wrong?!?!?!?!

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    After 2/3 weeks of owning a 2001 crv I have fixed or replaced....... 1. The rear diff oil to get rid of the squealing 2. Repaired wiring on the trailer socket to stop fuses blowing 3. Replaced clutch slave cylinder 4. Replaced the radiator 5. Repaired the front left window reg 6. Got a clock...