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  1. Again CR-V 2014 dangerous highway steering and excellent yaw control

    Dear Honda:
    Again CR-V 2014 dangerous highway steering character but perfect yaw control VSA Up to now, all of my cars had hydraulic steering system(X5, Freelander, Peugeot 405) and with its damping character.(slow reaction ). I selected Honda as I felt on test drives, Wheel has the best feed back from...
  2. 25-1 ABS Yaw rate sensor malfunction

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I am new to the forum. On my wife's 2007 CRV we experience a shuttering at times between 25-30 MPH and 40-50 MPH. To me it feels like the torque converter is locking up. No check engine light or any other symbols showing up. I did take the car to Autozone and they scanned it, finding...
  3. Yaw Sensor/Rear end collision

    Problems & Issues
    I was recently involved in a rear end collision- I was stopped at a light, an Isuzu Rodeo ran into me and pushed me into the vehicle in front of me. The Rodeo tried to swerve to miss me, but hit my spare tire and damaged that and the right rear section (as well as damage to the front of my...