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'02 crv

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Considering buying an '02 CR-V w/150k miles. What are some of the "concerns" or "problem" areas one should consider or look at and inspect?

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I'm surprised no one has replied.
Are you familiar with cars or a novice?
I mean some people don't know how to check the oil.
Is it 2WD or AWD?
This year of the crv has timing chain problem that's one of the biggest problem they have. Other than that they are good vehicle. Listen to the engine. Be sure there is no check engine light.
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Watch ericthecarguys 100k service youtube video to see what areas to look at which applies to buying any cars over 100k miles. Make sure to scan for any engine codes and check for oil leaks.

common issues with the gen 2 crvs:
axel vibrations
air conditioning
door lock
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Basically, if your not familiar with cars take it to a mechanic.

In the US, gen 2 is not AWD, they are 4 wheels drive (big difference). Be hard pressed to find one with fwd only in the US unless you live out west (not even sure they we're available that way here in the states)

Mine has 230k miles on it. No problems with Windows, doors etc except the key latch in the driver's door works. Minor issues like that aren't anything specific to Honda.

Listening to the engine without a trained ear is almost pointless because fuel injectors are noisy (and they are that way new, nothing wrong with it). Only good way is to listen on cold start to see if engine is really excessively noisy at first. That's a good sign the tensioner is wore out or damaged which is the biggest issue with the timing chain. And a very easy repair for any mechanic worth his paycheck. Even if the issue has been left to replacing the chain, the repair I don't consider all that expensive.

Timing chain isn't a "problem" they are a maintenance items anyway, usually good to change them between 150-175k anyway. It's a "common knowledge" matter with chain driven overhead cam engines. At those lengths they will never last the life of the engine no matter who builds them. So don't be afraid of that. Have it replaced if it wasn't done and you'll get another 150k out of it.

AC is a BIG ONE though. That can get expensive quick however at that mileage and age, I doubt it's the OEM compressor that's on it. Definitely worth checking into anything there. If it hasn't imploded yet then your in good shape, if it's the factory compressor, keep and eye on it, as soon as it starts to make any noise replace it immediately. Much less expensive than it imploding and having to replace your entire AC system. BUT THIS IS NOTHING DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER CAR OUT THERE. It's hit or miss at that mileage. The more you have to use it (especially in the south ) the more common the failure is. Mine is at 230K and still going strong as of last summer but sounds like the clutch is starting to go out finally.

Biggest thing is if you don't know yourself, have it checked out before buying especially if you have a mechanic you trust.

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