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'02 headlight assemblies

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Rather than attempting to clean and polish obscured headlight covers, I've found it easier to just replace the entire unit.
My brand of choice for these units is TYC, however and Ebay will not ship these to my address in Hawaii, this includes sellers other than I cannot fathom why they refuse to ship here, they are, after all hunks of plastic !
Can anyone recommend another manufacturer who's headlight assemblies are comparable to TYC?
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How often do you replace them?
It's strange Amazon wouldn't send them.
Thanks for the reply,

I don't treat them as a maintenance item, if that's what your asking, lol :rofl:
It has been my experience in the past that cleaning/polishing the lens just does not hold up well here in Hawaii, the lens clouds over again in a few months.
I've ordered TYC units in the past from amazon with no issue, I suspect that either or their independent sellers now have found that Prime shipping is a losing proposition.
For what it is worth, the local distributor here for TYC parts wants $250 apiece !
Would you believe that amazon refused to ship a gauge cluster lens for a '07 Ridgeline here?, citing that the item contains "hazardous substances" !
C'mon amazon, it's a piece of clear plastic !
Watch this Video---I've done this to my headlights and
By Golly, it works
Follow the instructions carefully--My lights were pretty dull
Now they're fine.
Worth a try, Thanks Bud ! :banana:
Really, it's pretty easy, and you'll be surprised with the results.
The clear coat will keep the lights clear after you get done.
Geez guy, is it midnight there in WV?
yeah--I stay up late--watching people getting arrested on Live TV--Haha
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