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Been chasing down possibilities with the aforementioned. Wanted more stability so I replaced springs 80K miles ago with lowering springs; made a huge difference in overall handling. About a year ago the popping reared its ugly head. Just picked my buggy up last night after replacing with new springs, new shocks, all associated hardware and new axles... the noise, even though better... persists. Love this car, 245K runs like a top and still looks great; we have been through alot together and I dont want to retire it; but this popping noise is chewing on my nerves. I also notice that I have more wheel play and the the car drifts in the lane requiring more steering wheel manipulation to correct and maintain lane center vector.

Anyone else in this boat? Am thinking a strut tower brace may well assist with the popping noise that may be associated with the top of the strut moving in its cavity.

Support or refute?
Thanks everybody...
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