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04 Honda Crv parts for gen2

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Not sure if I am allowed to sell parts on here or not. Any insight into the matter is appreciated. Should I part it out or fix the brake lines and sell it. We just purchased a new to us 2013 Honda Crv. So not worried about trade in. Thanks in advance.

P.s. any insight on the 2013 crv ?? What to look out for?
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You may sell parts in the Trading Post section. Thanks for asking, first.

The Gen4 is a great vehicle. Do an advanced SEARCH on the Gen4 area to see what the issues are.

On any V, changing ALL the fluids on a used car is a wise first step towards a long reliable relationship. :love:
Yes. Definitely change fluids. The 04 crv needs brake lines, ny weather....debating on buying to fix and sell or part out. Cost to buy new and replace them worth it to sell? Its a tank. It has issues mainly damage from fender benders wife and kids drove it. Fixed of course , 99% of it. It was even ran into from the rear all while parked in my driveway. It was a new to us car and repaired at a honda dealer. Cars seem to take fair amount of abuse in rural nys. Thanks for the wisdom and insight!!
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