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I just bought a 2006 CRV AWD "as is". I had a 94 Accord before that I absolutely loved and was a bit too eager to own another Honda. Anyway, the CRV had some issues I was prepared to deal with, as you would expect in an older ride. But it had 2 bigger problems that didn't present themselves until after I got it home FML. I can't see them being related so maybe I should make 2 separate posts? Forgive my ignorance, I have never posted to a message board before.

Problem 1: Engine runs really rough. It was running smoothly when I tested it and brought it home. The next day after driving the highway for 20 minutes, at the 1st stoplight it was idling rough, kinda bucking like it was going to stall. Now it idles rough often, sometimes more rough, sometimes less, but never smooth. Sometimes it almost reaches the stall point.

It is also impossible to maintain a consistent speed on the highway (most of my commute is highway). I'm either decelerating at about 1400 RPM or accelerating where it jumps to 2600-3000 RPM. There is no in between. Impossible to keep my speed at 100 - 110 Km/hr.

Also, if I slowly press the accelerator there is no response for about 1/8" to 1/4" of pedal travel, the engine would then kick in at a higher RPM.

Problem 2: The rear passenger brake gets very hot. snow/water sizzles when it contacts the rotor. Even on highway drives where I only brake twice. Passenger side rotor gets way hotter than drivers side. Must be stuck? Im going to look into this a bit tonight.

So far all I have done is change the air filter. This weekend I am going to change the fuel filter, oil change, check or change spark plugs (all things I was going to do anyways).

I don't know what to do about problem 1, maybe there are a few things I can do myself before I bring it to the shop. Any advise or direction would be greatly appreciated.

*update: the shop i bought it is going to look it over with me Monday

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How many miles?

1. Check/clean the throttle body & butterfly, then do the Idle Learn Procedure.
Check plugs---should be properly gapped Iridium type, Denso or NGK.
Check valve clearances while you have the plugs out.
Check free play on the cable to the throttle sensor near the passenger side firewall.

2. Binding pad or caliper.
SEARCH 'slider pin' Also check that corrosion isn't binding the pads...they should be 'falling out loose'.
If you need a caliper do an axle set. (Also, flush the brake fluid...)

There is no separate fuel filter.

Post back with results.

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Engine/rough idle: The used car dealer/mechanic changed the timing chain. Seems to have solved most problems so far , knock on wood.

Brakes: just got the vehicle back, plan to do the checks you recommend on the weekend if it's not too cold out. Both passenger rotors seem to get pretty hot. I will keep you posted.

It has 90000 miles, no check engine light.
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