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Well guys I did this install probably 4 years ago, but I had to get into the door panel today and re-secure some wiring before I take this bad boy out to Coachella for a car camping DJ party :D (just hooked up some RCA's to the CD Changer port so I can run a laptop/mixer through my stereo)

The Goods -

Headunit - Alpine CDA9887
Speakers - Focal K2P165UV's
Subwoofer - 15" Fi Q
Amps - Cadence 1x1000
Cadence 2X 250

This kicks the hell out of my last stereo in my Ranger (JL W7, JL XR Comps, KVC HU, JL Amps)

Headunit -
Car Vehicle Electronics Cd player Multimedia

Ipod Connect and RCA connect -
Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Auto part Technology

Door Panel inside-
Vehicle Vehicle door Car Automotive exterior Auto part

Auto part Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Automotive exterior

Speaker -
Subwoofer Loudspeaker Audio equipment Vehicle audio Technology

Door handle Automotive wheel system Wheel Auto part Rim

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Looks like one heck of a spacer on that focal driver.... I just returned a pair of 165 KRX2's that I had got for $600 because I "determined" they weren't going to fit without some "serious" mods on my 2011 but now it looks like I might have been able to make them work after all...... dang.

Any chance of seeing a pic of how the door looks with the grill over that speaker? What's the mounting depth on those things? If I can't use the factory grill that's not necessarily the end of the world for me. The big thing is I want it to look good in the end and I don't want to have to cut the "bumps" off the inner door steel... Also don't want the speaker grill protruding from the door too much either.....
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