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I've never heard of anyone recommending changing the size of an oil pan bolt in any vehicle, let alone a service tech from a dealership recommending such a repair. They're supposed to follow OE specs like gospel and always have in my experience with other dealerships. Unless I'm missing something, he'd be installing a non-OE pan, with no warranty... all just to get a bigger bolt? Sounds crazy if you ask me.

If the pan was damaged, why wouldn't he say the pan is damaged? Why frame it as the bolt being loose? Bolts don't shrink, so either the threads are stripped or the bolt has been swapped out for the incorrect size.

The use of full synthetic was not to stop oil consumption in and of itself. It was to go with the use of Engine Restore. As I understand it, you're not supposed to use conventional oil with that oil additive. Besides, the detergents in synthetic would serve to clean up the surfaces in preparation for the Engine Restore anyway, which acts similar to a penetrating oil getting into the micro scratches of the cylinder walls and head.

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They did say the pan was damaged. Maybe not directly, but they said it. If the drain plug is loose in the hole, the threads are stripped. Probably after some quickie lube minimum wager ran it in with an impact wrench. From the sound of things, they were offering to save you some money and re-thread the hole to a larger size and change the plug so it can be tightened without having to replace the oil pan for almost $1K. And if they replace the pan at the dealership, it will be with Honda parts unless you take them something different. They may not install aftermarket parts even then because of warranty issues.

And if your valves are noisy, they need to be adjusted. Additives aren't going to help that.
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