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My elderly mother had the same "we need to replace the oil pan due to stripped plug" song and dance on her 2010 CRV. She had been going to Walmart for her oil changes and the dealer blamed them for over tightening the drain plug. Instead of paying the $900+ for the oil pan replacement, she went back to Walmart and asked them to pay for the repair. The manager at the Walmart garage asked to take a look at the car and then showed my Mom that the bolt was not stripped, it did tighten as expected and all is well. They were all very professional and upfront with my Mom at Walmart. This was over a year ago and there have been no issues with leaks, etc.

Having heard a second incident of "we have to change out the oil pan" raises my suspicions that there is a boat payment due.... h/t to Click and Clack.

Anyhow, while this was going on, I did some research on how this could be repaired without replacing the pan and I came across the ecopulgsystem system as an alternative. Looks interesting and I just might do it on my own 2007 CRV.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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