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100,000 and all's good!

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Just turned 100,000 miles on 2013 Honda CRV and was wondering since I had the major check-up at 85,000 is there anything I should need now? No Service Reminders showing. Had drive belt replaced at 70,000.

Thanks in advance!
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Most things should be done as needed, not so much based on specific mileage. Should be doing or have done 3 transmission fluid changes by now. Or more if just basic drain and fills. Spark plugs should be changed by now if they haven't been.

Beyond that it's replace things as needed.

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If the OP has 4WD, diff fluid needs changing....coolant changes and spark plugs are due at around 100K as well. MAYBE valve lash check/adjustment. Some of this stuff should come up at around 110K on the MM.

Just as a convenience, it makes sense to book the car for a major service and get 'er done all at once. What was done at the 85K service?
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