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$125 for Manual tran oil change?????

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I have a 2004 CRV stick I have had it since new. My retirement car. 150k. It is now been replaced but is kept for a spare and for a winter around the town car. Its in great shape.
My Official Honda dealer has raised the price of the manual trans. oil change to $125. Being a retired aircraft mechanic, I can do work myself but prefer to let dealers do the dirty work.
$125? I got out my OEM maintenance manual and took a look. OK, there is a special fluid with a Honda part number, like the rear axel takes the dual pump fluid, which I do myself cause its child's play. But the manual
doesnt seem to make this look like a hard job????
Am I missing something? There are two crush washers of some size, probably a torque wrench setting or two, ....and two quarts of hard can it be?
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As people became less knowledgeable and capable of doing these simple things on their own, the service industry has stepped up and increased the prices

Dealers tend to be the ones that lead the way.
I think that must be it. Bring the old ladies in with a $29 oil change and upsell them lots of garbage at astronomical prices. And shorten the reccommended service intervals. Oh well. I work on my three motorcycles, I can work on this car now...

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Anyone know the crush washer size?
I found this.

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If this is already here I apologize, but I could not find all of these in one place.

Oil Plug 14 mm

Differential 20mm (2ea)

Manual Transmission 14mm (1ea) and 20 mm (1ea)

Coolant Block Drain 28mm

Auto transmission 18mm (1ea)

O'reilly Auto carries the 14 and 20 mm sizes

14mm part# Dorman 65292 (Honda part# 94109-14000)

20mm part# Dorman 65277 (Honda part# 94109-20000)

Some say the diff might have an 18mm
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