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14 CR-V TIres

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I just got a 2014 CR-V LX and need to know if I can put a set of Michelin 245-75-16 tires on it or will it rub the wheel well's as I turn? Or is there a little modification I could do to make it work out? My neighbor moved a few weeks ago and had this practically new set he took off a Sorento and gave them to me when he moved.
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Way too big and fat. Enter suited to a first gen Pilot than a CRV.
Yeah, that what I was afraid of. Thanks
They are likely going to be too big but barely. Only 7% taller and 8% wider than factory size. Likely have slight rubbing issues mainly in the rear. I have ran tires that wide before and was fine, it's the diameter combined with width that can be an issue.

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Old thread I know but... 245? Yikes that size on a 6.5" wide rim? Gonna look horribly pinched. Would look like tires on a big old huge pickup. The cr-v is a cross-over, not a truck.

Actually, the 6.5" width rim is even slim for a 225, they have a slightly pinched look but it's not horrible. The max recommended for that width is 215. Wish Honda had made the rims with a 7" width. It would look better. But 245's on a 6.5"? Honestly that would look horribly pinched.

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