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First time newbie here. Just bought this car and taking care of a few small issues.

One issue has me stumped. The rear cargo light initially worked when the rear window is opened and the cargo lamp switch in the central position.

However, the other day I noticed it was on all the time I removed the cover and very carefully (I thought) removed the bulb. Unfortunately one of the metal ends came off. Rather than buy a new one I thought it would be fun to repair it since the filament was still good. I was able to melt the solder on the cap to expose the wire sticking out of the bulb. The then put a dab of epoxy on the cap and glued it back on, and then soldered the wire to the cap. Presto, working bulb. But I digress.

To find out why the light was staying on despite the door being shut I examined the door switch. It moves easily, so I removed it and sprayed some electronic lube on it. No cure. Light works in ON position, turns off on OFF position, but will stay permanently on in Center position. I then swapped switches with a known working one from a front door with the same result.

So, my question is: A good switch, a working bulb, and what appears to be a working lamp assy, so where might this problem lie? Thanks in advance for any help!
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