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Hello everyone, hope everyone is well and safe during these tough times as of late. I had this issue for a while now on my RD1. The reverse light would work at certain situations and would turn off right away once backing up in reverse. I would have to move the shifter around while in reverse just to get the reverse lights to 'light up', once it lights up and i go to back up the vehicle it turns off immediately and stops working. It's been like this for a while now ever since i bought the vehicle months ago. I didn't really perform the repair first as I was more focused on replacing the timing belt and gaskets since it was due.

Anyways, I confirmed that the bulbs aren't the issue since they light up. Checked the under-dash fuse box to see if there's a blown fuse. None. Only thing left was the back-up light switch. I didn't perform a test on the wiring to see if that was the problem for sure so i took a gamble and just ordered the back up switch from Honda. The part itself is inexpensive costs around $30+ (will post part number down below). The back-up light switch is located on top of the transmission housing underneath the air box. Fairly straight forward to replace BUT you have to have the right tools to remove the switch as this step was the most challenging along with removing the air box on that one stupid rubber grommet that's glued on to the box. To remove the back-up switch you will NEED a '3/8 OPEN END Crowfoot 19 MM', 3/8 extension bar, and a 3/8 ratchet. A regular box end 19 mm can work but I did not use it as the wrench was too big and i would have had to remove the bumper and the resonator for the air box to free up space. So I highly recommend you get the CrowFoot 19 mm instead as this made the job a lot easier. NOTE: there is a washer for this back-up switch. Replace the washer with a new one. I don't have a part number for the washer for the switch as the washer is the exact same as the engine 'oil drain plug washer'. Install the new switch and washer torque to 18 ft-lbs. plug in the connector make sure it clicks and put back in the bracket to hold in place. After this all you need to do is put everything back together. Once you're about to put the air box back I highly recommend putting some silicone grease on the rubber grommet to help with future disassembly. Once I replaced the back-up switch the reverse lights are now working properly. Keep in mind i didn't bother testing the wires which I should have done but I was kinda lazy and assumed that the switch was the issue. Worth a try since the switch wasn't too expensive.

This fix is for a RD1 Manual Transmission, I don't know if the automatics are the same procedure. All in all it was just a back up switch issue in my case. If you encounter this problem high chance the switch is the issue. If you are replacing your own on your CR-V Please please have the open end crow foot 19mm as it was the only one that worked for me to loosen and to tighten. No o2 sensor socket fits for the switch. the open end 3/8 crowfoot was inexpensive I got it for around $20 and is worth a buy.
Will post again with pictures of a better step by step in the future, just thought I'd do a quick post for those who have a similar issue with their CR-V.

Back-Up Switch: 35600-PBW-003.
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