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1998, CR-V P1706, P1706 P

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Some transmission weirdness:
1. I put it in Drive, and sometimes it just doesn't go into gear at all. Cycle through the gears, then it does. Sometimes the "D" light comes on, usually it doesn't.
2. It seems as though it works it way up through the gears to get to cruising speed, but, I really can't tell if it makes it into 4th. At 70mph on level road, I'm at about 3100, 3200 rpm.
3. When I slow down and brake to a stop it "thunks" into the lower gears just before stopping.

And, per the thread title, the Check Engine light is on, and the codes are "P1706" and "P1706 P", which, evidently mean

  • Faulty Park/Neutral switch
  • Misadjusted Park/Neutral switch
  • Open or shorted Park/Neutral switch harness
  • Poor electrical connection in Park/Neutral switch circuit

First, is that code consistent with what I described in 1,2,3, and second, is that something I could fix myself? And 3rd - if those symptoms in 1,2,3 aren't likely to be coming from whatever's causing the codes, do I even need to fix the Park/Neutral switch?

And, as always, thanks in advance for any help!