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i have a 1999 in mint condition but the tranny is toast, i also have a 1998 in mint condition with a blown head gasket

i know the shift pattern is different but can i still swap the trans into the 99?

i could also engine swap the 98 but i like the 99 better

any help would go a long way
I have a 1999, my brother has a 2001 and my friend has a 2000. All 3 of us originally had the AWD Trans, and my brother and I both had to remove our driveshaft and I ultimately swapped to a 2WD Trans due to the transfer case. I have found that the 1.5 Gen CRV had a poorly designed transfer cas that was prone to shredding gears, sending metal through the whole trans and in my case, pulling the driveshaft forward, grinding the flange, bending the u-joints, and (thankfully not in my case) ruining the rear diff. If you really want that awd, just be aware of the potential problems you may face when buying one/down the road after some wear and tear.
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