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Hello All,

My name is Melchior and since some weeks i own a make 1: 1999 Honda CR-V EX 5MT.
Although i come from The Netherlands i live in the mountains of south Spain and this car is quite ideal to drive here around.

I am among many other occupations also an independent car mechanic.
And since new with this car getting to know it and see what the common issues are.
I also own a Mercedes 307D from 1980 and am quite a specialist in repairing these old buses.
Also a was a main poster on the Mercedes technical forum in the Netherlands. And a specialist on revising gearboxes.
I am a diplomaed fine metal worker and a fine electronics repairman too.

On the Honda CR-V i am quite new, and looking for the issues when you get in touch with a new vehicle.
If you have technical tips, things to look for, feel free.

The first things i bump on now are:

- Bad ignition lock: both keys are turning badly in the first step.
So i ordered a second hand steering column from eBay. This also gives me the remote control that is missing. Ordered a flip key case with it to make one.

- Back transfer case is doubtful.:confused:
When lift a back wheel and turn, it hardly goes cause of the transfer case connecting the front directly. With forse i can move it a cirle drive direction, but hardly 1/4 backwards. So the system looks continuous 4WD to me now. I have some questions how to check this better.

- many broken rubber bushes. :eek:
Front wishbone bushes, back suspension bushes, differential damper, etc. I ordered quite some on eBay.
I guess just the common age problems after 16 years.

- roof light motor is ticking over the linear cable gears. Looks like a loose screw. But i did not take the sealing out yet to check.

That's it till now folks,
Greetings from South Spain :cool:
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