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1999 Honda CRV AWD Glendale, CA

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I’m new to this blog. I bought my CRV a few years ago, and have been happy with it overall.
Unfortunately, prior owners deferred basic maintenance and although I had the vehicle inspected prior to purchase, it wasn’t that detailed. I purchased the car from a private party via Craigslist. You know, if you can’t afford car payments and you don’t have a decent job and income, well, you get what you get and you pay bit by bit. Some days those bits are bigger than others!!

Over the past few years i’ve put a LOT of money into bringing this buggy back to good running condition, despite it’s age and infirmities. I love the higher chassis and the big windows! When I was looking I knew I wanted some kind of SUV, but knew I would never get anything like that younger than 15 yrs old.

So the latest issue is the transmission. Fortunately I was driving on the street and not the freeway when the transmission started to fail and I could barely get the car over to the side of the road. Luckily I was able to get it into a parking lot.

Well, long story shorter, after getting the car towed to my trusty HONEST mechanic, he had the car taken to a sub who does all the transmission work for him. They did the rebuild and I went to get it. Well, it just didn’t seem to handle quite right. I just dropped $2,300 into that thing and I wasn’t about to sit on my hands! And I was given a 1 yr warranty, so that’s good.

Moving forward, so I brought it back to my mechanic and he test drove it again, and didn’t notice anything off except for a brief moment when it acted up again. So, out of an abundance of caution, he brought it back to his sub to have it checked out again. A few days later I find out that the sub had to rebuild it AGAIN because something was getting damaged internally and they had to keep re-fixing it? Odd. That was last week.

Now it’s a few days later, and my main mechanic called me to say the sub is struggling with that beast, and what appears to be happening, is that there is some kind of computer glitch or software issue, but that this is related to some kind of electrical thing going south??? WTF?? I am SO out of my depth, here, I have no clue.

At least, my main guy said that if my middle of next week the sub can’t fix the damned thing, he will take the car back and fix it himself. And he will give me a loaner or rent a car for me. Really Really Nice!! You don’t just find great honest people like this these days. Got very lucky to have him! Fortunately, my hubby has a car, and we just have to share it getting back and forth to work and such. Real nuisance.

So! I would like to know if anyone out there has the same car and the same problem and what was done to fix it?
As a side note, my driver’s side power door lock seems to be going out. Keeps clicking after I lock the door from the outside with my key? It’s possessed!

Anyway, if anyone out there has a clue about what to do in case my guys can’t figure it out, please help!


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I can't help with the trans issue, but on the power door locks, they are a common Honda issue. I need to replace mine on the right front door, as, when I unlock it, it instantly re-locks itself. Aargh! They cost about $65 each and take about an hour to install.

Welcome to the forum, and keep us posted on how it goes with the transmission. Sounds like a real pain. A good mechanic is hard to come by and important to have! I got mine.
Waiting for @Tigris99 to notice this. He rebuilds transmissions....

In the original post, there is a bit of vagueness about 'it didn't handle quite right'. :confused2:
Perhaps a further explanation of that would help.
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