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Just found this forum hence my 1st post. I recently bought a used 1999 (late 98) CRV. It had some water leaks and door lock problems and a few other things that i took to the dealer here to fix. Long story short they broke a few things and didn't fix everything. So i took it back for another go. The second round they needed to fix the passenger door (left side in this part of the world) handle because they broke it and nobody could get out of the car. Also the passenger side door leaked water when it rained, went onto the floor. I picked up the car yesterday and hopefully it is fixed. As I was leaving into traffic I noticed the dashboard lights on for the tailgate and rear window. When I got home sure enough the back window was not shut all the way. I opened it and the tailgate and made sure they were closed all the way. The dashboard lights stayed on. I moved the rear tailgate switch by hand all the way and the light stayed on. Anyone have any idea what this dealer could have done to me this time? I will never go back there unless I bring them a bill if i have to take it somewhere else to get fixed.


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