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Hey guys, I am looking at getting rid of my fwd vtec civic in favor of an automatic realtime 4wd 1st gen CRV as I will be moving from the beach to the mountains and pretty much need awd/4wd, and would much rather have an auto than a manual.

There are two things I am unsure of. How does one tune an automatic obd2 ecu? I live in NC and you have to plug the cars ecu into the state computer during yearly emissions inspections, so I dont think I can get away with an obd1 conversion/ecu.

My goal, for now anyways, is just a rebuilt b20z block, with either a b18c gsr head (IF i can ever figure out the iab/ecu issue), or a b16a vtec head, with intake, type r cams, header and exhaust.

How can I tune the automatic obd2 crv ecu for this crvtec?

Also, how much hp/tq can the automatic 4wd handle?
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