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Going to the grocery store is always a fun trip, as I inevitably end up seeing a bunch of CR-Vs, mostly newer generations, but I still see 1st and 2nd Gens from time to time. Today, I ended up parking near a Teal colored 1st Gen LX.

Yes, you read that correctly. Teal. Bluish-Green.
The paint job was decent. There were some chips in the engine hood, but it was not done with a can of spray paint.

I blacked out the rear license plate (Tennessee does not require front plates), and several stickers on the back, and the hang tags on the rear view mirror.
I did not touch the front grill. It's flat black, and is missing the chrome "H" symbol.

The headlights were pretty badly hazed and could use some PlastX.

If you look between the slats in the front bumper you can see that the original color was Taffeta White.

And if you look on the upper right corner of this picture you can see a 3rd Gen CR-V in the background.
And yes, there was some sort of rubber yellow steering wheel cover.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Honda Compact sport utility vehicle

The white CR-V you can see through windows in this picture of the tailgate is my 2014.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sport utility vehicle
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