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Hey folks,

So I've been taking care of my '00 Crv on the mechanical side, redid the F&R suspension/direction over the past 2 years, belts/valves were done 20 000km ago, fluids are fluidic... a very pleasant drive in a 12 y/o car. Then 2 weeks ago, this problem shows up...

I'm at a stop sign or a light turns green, I gently press on the gas, start moving maybe a foot or 2 and then the engine dies, I notice the ABS light comes on (maybe some others but I always notice that one, it's the brightest), then it just starts back up and away I drive. The vehicle doesn't come to a stop when it happens, just a sudden loss of power, then it "kicks" a bit when it starts again... I never take my foot off the gas when it happens. The radio doesn't turn off, but the again it has accumulators inside keeping the juice for 2-3 seconds after power shuts off.

The first 2 times it happened, it only did i once in the same evening.
Then two mornings in a row, turning left from a red light, i start moving, get to 20km/h and it dies, comes back, dies again and comes back for good, all in about 2-3 seconds.

Today it did it 4-5 times in a row taking off at a green light, really pissing me off.

It can't be the IG switch that was recalled in 2002 because I have my own relay-based push start ignition I built & that system tested ok.

So my question is, where should I look for a problem in my electrical systems... I hate diagnosing car electrical issues, I'd rather fix a broken welding machine, lol

Any ideas ?
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