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Hi everyone,

I have not been regular here for a couple of years (started a family) so I am picking up where I left off a few years back when I completed my stage 3 mods on my 1st gen Vee. For a few pics of my baby see here

I am looking for a few things to kickstart my final phase of mods after owning this sweet species of a ride for 10 years. I need a few things please;

(1) Skunk 2 Intake manifold. There was a guy selling one here years ago and I lost touch with him. I also need a breakdown of whatever cables and gaskets are supposed to run with it (integra parts etc.)

(2) I am also looking to do a complete skunk 2 exhaust (catback) system to complement it

(3) Would love to upgrade my headlights to HID, ice blue intensity lights if possible.

(4) Thinking about (don't crucify me) putting an actual functional hood scoop on it and neatly/properly cutting an air channel into the hood, for an old fashioned cool air intake.

(5) Have bought and will install the trailer hitch, and a rear bumper protector kit that installs into the hitch.

(6) Thinking about upgrading the wheels as well. Wanted to go bigger rims than stock, and changed my mind, since SnowFox is a working girl (commuter car) and she does not mind the abuse, and is not interested in being pampered. My color scheme is White, Black, Gold and Chrome for the whole mod project, so these are the wheels I finally focused on:

(7) Also I intend to install the skid plate I bought years ago, even though I have a front brush guard. I am hoping that an extra long reinforced bolt and nut combo can run through both accessories and bolt on securely, and consulted my mechanic who said he can make it so. Still open to reality if it won't work. Wishing never hurt the purist.

(8) Need new fog lights to replace my worn out ones. Any suggestions apart from the typical Mugen? I like the rectangular ones.

(9) My AVS bug guard will not stay in place on the hood, and I am tired of themessy 3M tape, epoxies and all that mess. Thinking about using clips, drilling the plastic bug guard (not the hood), screwing the clips onto the base of the bug guard and then super/gorilla glueing the clips onto the hood.
Any suggestions on that?

(10) Has anyone installed one of those magnetic fuel optimizers/gas buddies on their gas liine to improve fuel economy? I bought one and have been hesitant about putting it in.

Thanks for any and all help.


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