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My V's clutch recently started slipping quite badly, it slipped at higher speeds with higher revs but after I went out this weekend and drove a bit far on the highway the slippage is MUCH MUCH worse.
It used to be when the turbo kicks, slipping from 2500 rpm- 3500 rpm.

Now it's gotten to the point where it just constantly slips, I can still drive it but it slips to hell and back. Revs hitting 4000 rpm and not going faster than 40 km/h, especially on uphills. I've done the parking brake in first test, the clutch does still have bite to it. The car does stall though. It's now only a matter of how long it would last before I can get it replaced. Fuel consumption has also taken a knock x.x
After having taken my Girlfriend back to her place today I noticed that my clutch pedal is squeaking, I've read that it could be the master cylinder or the clutch pedal causing issues.

The car has roughly 108k miles on it, 2008 model. I have no idea if the flywheel or clutch were replaced ever.

So I have multiple questions.
The first question being, could the master cylinder/pedal issue have resulted in the clutch slipping?

The second question, seeing as the clutch definitely needs to be replaced. Do I really need to replace my DMF? Can I have it reconditioned, there aren't any symptoms of the DMF giving typical DMF issues. It seems pretty solid.
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