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First of all, I am new here. Be gentle.

I just got my CRV this weekend and the stock radio/cd player is horrible, and the volume button sticks like crazy. I know I need to get a new stereo, but I was curious about anyone giving suggestions if that is available?

I have replaced stock stereos in my old Ford Explorer before and it was fairly simple but looking at youtube videos it looks like alot of components have to be removed to get to the stereo, and then for the most part will I have to get a new wiring harness and dash kit?

I mostly just use my android to play music, through an Aux, but I do value good sound quality. I know the speakers are next on my list to replace but I want something I can build around.

I am a teacher, so have somewhat of a limited budget.

Found this on amazon-
Pioneer DEH-150MP Single DIN Car Stereo With MP3 Playback I saw it needs a wiring harness and dashkit.

I have about a 200.00 limit in all honesty to upgrade this.

Pretty simple but I am not sure if I can install it myself.

Any suggestions are encouraged. Thank you in advance. :D
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