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Hey All,

I posted a while ago regarding a installing a 10" sub in my 2000.
1st post - initial amp installation
2nd post - sub box JL 10w6v2

I've since upgraded basically my whole system.

I'm now running
HU: Pioneer AVH-P3400bt
Speakers: 6.5" JBL 605CSQ in custom a-pillars
DSP: Helix DSP.1
Full range amp: JL XD400/4
Mono amp: JL Slash 1200/1
Supplemental battery: XS Power D680

Here's some pics of the install

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Vehicle

2000 CRV EX

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Car Hood Vehicle

Roof Deadner

Plant Car Vehicle Radio Satellite radio

Trusty Pioneer

Vehicle Motor vehicle Reflex camera Camera lens Automotive tire

Sub in the stock box

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Steering part

A-pillars with JBL 605CSQ

Car Motor vehicle Vehicle Car seat cover Steering part

Pulling wire

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper

Hood Light Blue Car Motor vehicle

Initial 1/0 power & signal runs

Circuit component Electronic instrument Computer cooling Electronic component Computer hardware

Initial amp placement

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More photos

Electrical wiring Road surface Electricity Gas Electrical supply

Setting initial gains

Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive tire Trunk

Trying to get it all back together

Trunk Vehicle Computer hardware Car Circuit component

Starting to button up

Hood Motor vehicle Gesture Automotive design Vehicle door

Ground point

Leg Wood Hand tool Tool Wood stain

Beginning a-pillar construction

Wood Bumper Hood Automotive exterior Hardwood

Paint Wall Plumbing fixture Rectangle Tap


Road surface Automotive tire Asphalt Thigh Flooring

Aluminum can Beverage can Tin can Tin Automotive tire

Body Filler

Wood Font Road surface Automotive exterior Rectangle

Smoothing it out

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After I finally had all that in, it was time to build a proper box for the 12w7 to replace the prefab Atrend it came with.

Box specs:
2.8cu feet
2 - 4" ports, each 28" length
F3 of 25.2 Hz.

Easy listening, you know.

Wood Tableware Hat Table Rectangle

Body filler for the port flare mold

Hat Table Wood Rectangle Ingredient

Port flare mold

Wood Floor Flooring Rectangle Material property

Heatgun isn't doing it...get the veg oil out

Dishware Drinkware Cup Serveware Wood

Now we're getting there

Wood Font Art Gas Circle

Front coming together, circles routed out and adhesive applied. Clamped ports in place to dry.

Drinkware Coffee cup Cup Table Wood

Silicone it up

Wood Automotive design Gas Machine Engineering

Building the baffle

Wood Packing materials Paper towel Floor Material property

Wheel Hood Vehicle registration plate Wood Automotive design

coming together now

Automotive tire Camera lens Tread Wood Camera

12w7 rear end

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More photos
Tire Automotive tire Wood Wheel Tread

Rear on finally

Shelf Rectangle Shelving Beige Wood

Gut shot
Wood Rectangle Flooring Floor Asphalt

old vs new

Tableware Wood Gas Automotive tire Circle

t-nuts ftw

Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Trunk

Finally done (well still have to apply some sort of finish).
Sounds as awesome as it looks!

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Wow! Amazing! Thanks for sharing!
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