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2000 crv t case needs replaced

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Commuting 100miles per day round trip. Bought the car 2 days ago. T-case whining pretty loudly and making that "bad bearing noise" between 4-10mph.
Found a replacement but cannot afford it till a few more paychecks come in as rent is due, etc.

My question is: How long can the bad t-case be driven on and will anything catastrophic happen if driven on for too long?
I can replace it in a few weeks. But that's about 1500miles out.
New to owning an awd vehicle.
Used to frw, rwd or 4x4.
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That 'transfer case' is part of the transaxle assembly at the front of the car, and I believe it is lubricated with the transmission's fluid. Is that where your nose is coming from? I haven't heard of one going bad.
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