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I see a lot of pics, references etc on 1st gen lifts, but not a ton of info on the longevity of parts, parts suppliers etc.
I have to replace my front strut assemblies again, after roughly four years of service. I'm looking for quality assemblies, having last purchased through Rock Auto. I do not recall the make, nor do I recall how many kms I've put on since replacing, but the ride, after replacing didn't seem any better - I do not want to repeat the exercise and have the same worn-out bouncy ride. I had also replaced upper and lower ball joints, sway bar links etc. Looks like I need to do the entire sh!taroo again.
In addition, I'm thinking about lifting it 1".
Does anyone have a recommendation of parts to be used, and the supplier to get these parts? I am in Canada.
Looking for support from folks with experience please and thank you!
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