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2001 CR-V Question: Which Strut/Spring combo would you recommend?

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Thanks for welcoming me to this group.
I am an original owner of a 2001 CR-V EX with 140K miles. I believe the struts are original and would like to replace. I see this is a easy DIY project and I'm pretty handy. I am looking for a recommendation for replacement strut/spring combo for the fronts so the car rides like original. I just got new tires and front end bushings.
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the Monroe quick struts are good I have installed 100s or KYB, is that a reflector on the LR control arm on the 2001
Yes, that is a reflector. Is that specific to 2001 only?
Thanks for the recommendation,
any other tips on the install?
no problem,I think someone put it on never noticed it on the 1st gen ,starting on the 2nd gen in 02 they put 2 on the lower bumper then in 05 2.5 gen. they changed to a slimmer reflector ,it just caught my eye
It's been there since new.
Getting back to the struts, any tips or pitfalls to install the monroe quicks?
Usually the Monroe QuickStruts are good. Just be sure you keep your receipt as sometimes you get a Defective one. Get an alignment after installing them. Give it a couple of weeks for them to settle. Monroe are a bit stiffer than KYB.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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