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I'd check both the master and slave cylinders to make sure they aren't leaking, and check the fluid reservoir on top of the master cylinder to make sure it has fluid in it.

I think that racoon is correct. It seems as if the clutch hydraulics have worn out. It could be EITHER the Master cylinder or the slave.

Sometimes you can find a trace of leaking fluid, sometimes it is not as obvious. (Slave cylinders can leak into the bell housing where you can't see. Master cylinders can leak to the interior of the car, and run down the bulkhead carpet where it is not obvious.) Don't guess... CHECK IT OUT.

If the clutch fluid was totally empty, you may have air in the system. If you are lucky, you might get enough 'pedal' to make the car mobile if you prop the pedal down overnight, then pump it in the morning. :doublethumb:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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