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Hi. I have a 2001 1st gen CRV with manual transmission and 4x4.

Yesterday when I went to drive the car I could not get it to engage any gear. Whilst the car is off I can depress the clutch pedal and move the shifter into the correct position however this is not possible if I start the car in neutral and try to shift it once the vehicle is running. If I move the shifter into the 1st gear position whilst the car is off then try to start the car with the clutch pedal down the car will not start, it jerks as if I haven't actually engaged the clutch.

Has anyone encountered this issue before? My first assumption is the slave cylinder may have gone however I'm not very experienced working with transmission/clutch faults so I'm really just guessing here and don't really know what to look for to confirm if this is the case or not.
Fluid in the reservoir was low so I topped this up however this doesn't seem to have made any improvements.

If anyone has any recommendations for me to check I would really appreciate your help! I'm a handy guy and confident working on my cars once I know whats wrong just struggle to diagnose faults would really like to get this sorted myself as taking it to a mechanic will cost a lot of money at an already expensive time of year for me.

Thanks guys & Merry Christmas from Australia!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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