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I think I've traced a full tank of gas as the culprit, if that makes any sense.
I've replaced spark plugs+cables as well as the main relay board, behind the glove box.
I thought I beat it each time as each time I replaced something after it wouldn't start (after a fill-up.)
One time it died on my son while he was driving, had to push off the main road and by the time the wrecker arrived, it started with no problem.
That's another symptom I was able to reproduce - When it dies or won't start, if I wait for 45-60 minutes, it will start again with a little difficulty - I have to try and start it about 3 times and it will finally start.
When it won't start, I have the rear-driver's seat up and can hear the fuel pump prime while someone else tries the ignition.
After a fill-up, it might be the 2nd - 4th time after a fill-up that it won't start or dies.
Any ideas are appreciated!
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