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Well... my 2001 CRV EX AWD MT5 is getting a little aged and I think it's time to trade in and look at a 2019... Was just curious what the consensus was on what I could realistically get trade in on the old one?

The outside is a little rough, but the paint is is still holding on... it has a very slight crease in the read door sheet metal (don't notice it from more than 20' feet away). Interior in near perfect. It has 268k on the odometer.

I'm just trying to decide if it's working doing a private sale on it since the first gen's are still pretty popular and being it's a manual and AWD is a little uncommon. But... if the delta between a quick Craigslist sale and the trade in is not that far off, I may just trade it. I'm near Dallas, TX if that matters....

Any thoughts? Thanks!
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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