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1. There is a Gen1 service manual PINNED to the top of this section. :giggle:

2. Standard ride height struts are available from several sources. Do an ADVANCED SEARCH for the brands you are considering. If you want to change ride height, SEARCH for those reviews too.
You can do a Google Search too. Use 2001 AWD replacement struts: CRVOC as your search terms.

3. A lot of the V's road noise is transmitted through the mountings of the suspension and sub-frame, so add-ons such as DynaMat will have a limited effect. Again, learn the SEARCH function here.

PS: Click on your avatar (upper right) and go to ADVANCED SETTING>VEHICLE DETAILS so that you can type your V's specs into your avatar...saves folks asking all the time...

1 - 1 of 7 Posts