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Butyl damper, like kilmat or dynamat, is more a vibration dampener rather than sound deadener. Although stopping vibration helps with sound, the butyl stuff really only needs to be used on thin metal that vibrates like a cymbal. Like the roof, inner doors, inner fenders, hood, trunk, and wheelwells. On top of those is where you would put sound insulation foams and liners.

I could go on all day about sound deadening. I had good results with kilmat 80 mil butyl damper. You'll need the roller tools and cleaning the surface well and then using paint prep/ grease and wax remover is a must.

I used a few different thickness acoustic foams from a few brands. Different width rolls of foam tapes and tessa tape for clips and small rattles. It is alot of work and research to do it without being a waste of time, but it is a fairly rewarding end result and not all that unenjoyable to do.

I try to use moog suspension parts but i have used many brands with no issues. Just don't get the super cheap kits with everything included. I just don't trust cheap ball joints/tie rod ends.

Putting foam behind rear and door speakers makes a world of difference in the sound quality. That I can promise you. Butyl damper, then acoustic foam, then big thick pieces of foam speaker rings, baffles, or even polyester stuffing directly behind the speakers works wonders.
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