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First Post. Couple questions if anyone is willing to give their time and knowledge.

1) Where can I find/get a service manual for my year/trim?
2) I use the car for long stretches of road. Was hoping to get recommendations for better suspension parts as mine are worn. Willing to drop an inch of clearance.
3) Anyone who's done sound proofing to your CRV, please recommend me a good brand, Quality over quantity.

Any reply is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.
2- I've personally used Moog where I could. Beck/Arnley as well. Both seem well recommended here. Moog end links and bushings both felt like a sturdier part (in hand) than OEM, but your mileage may vary of course. Used Detroit Axel quick struts, but wish I had gone with something nicer personally. Fighting a bit of a suspension squeak now. Dont think it's caused by the struts themselves, but hate having to wonder if it is because they're cheaper parts.

3- I sound proofed some areas of the rear in preparation for a hidden Sub and Amp in the spare tire compartment, under the picnic table. Used one box of Kilmat ($60) which covered the body under the plastic bucket of the spare tire compartment, both sides of the cargo area under the trim (had to remove it to run the wires anyways), and the trunk hatch door under the trim. I had low expectations of the effect it would have, but the mats are fairly heavy and it definitely didnt hurt. Sound system sounds great and actually get much more sound from the rear speakers than I had previously- which I wonder if its a result of the deadening in those areas. I have another box on standby to use on the interior of each door the next time I have the panels off. I dream of doing the ceiling under the headliner and the floor under the carpet some day. I would imagine those two would have the biggest impact overall. There's a user here @JohnTaper who has a great thread about building out one of his Vs. I believe he covers deadening briefly. That thread is a great read on restoring some life to our Gen1s
1 - 1 of 7 Posts