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I went out pick up my daughter a mile away.
I stopped, turned off the car & put on the hazards.
I came back to the car 10 min later, it would not start.
I checked that I was pushing the clutch all the way down.
I turned the key & got nothing, no sound at all.
All the idiot lights came on but not even cranking sound.
I had good horn, windows function & radio.
I did not leave my headlights on

Luckily I was on incline & rolled & popped the clutch.
When I got home after I parked I tried to start & got nothing.
I tried starting w/o clutch pedal & w/ clutch pedal.
The same non start/sound conditions for both ways.

I hope it is just the clutch pedal relay that went out or came loose.
I will check it in the morning.

I had the clutch done 8 mo ago
I had the starter done 3 mo ago
Battery is 3 mo old
160k miles on it.

Any other ideas would be helpful

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