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Good morning,

I have a 2002 crv that is a crank no start that I have been trying to get going. Customer has left it with me over the winter and has been a challenge.

So far here's where I am at.
- customer left me with gray key. Cranks but have immobilizer active as green key flashes constant.
-removed remote start that was installed as thought it was likely suspect as wiring was poor
- cannot get engine or body ecu to communicate on can or obd
-verified have power to all igniton and fuel pump circuits.
- immobilizer I believe is ok, as when unplugged at column lamp goes out and plugged back in goes on
-only found one blown fuse for agc- replaced fuse circuits ok
- battery for vehicle is ok
-checked for any other blown fuses under hood and dash all is ok
- suspect need black key to run- without this key will engine ecm stay dead ? Suspect possible but unknown

One main question I have is could a person take a used immobilizer from a donor vehicle and matching key to get vehicle possibly started ? Or, can a person get a key cut and programmed from the dealer to see if this will start?
Kind of flustered here , but wouldn't mind getting this thing to run.

Any other info or help will be appreciated!

Also, I can post the Vin if needed if it helps .

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No communication with the ECM?
If ECM is dead or no power and ground then engine will not start

Gray key is valet key?
Valet key works in the ignition and door locks
But will not open the glove box
Is key damaged?

Would donor immobilizer work?
You would need the matching key (may also means the ignition lock), and ECM
along with the immobilizer in order for it to work.
The ECM, key and immobilizer are all matched together.
However, with a high level scanner, it may be possible to program a new key to the immobilizer system??
Or pay the dealer to have done. Do not think this is the problem.

Would be checking the wiring. But, that is mostly guess work unless you have schematics.
You can download a copy of a service manual for a 2002 CRV.
Link is in the stickie thread located at the top of the forum for your generation CRV.
Good luck
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