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Hi all looking for some advice here. I should start off with the whole story though so it may be a bit long:

Have a 2002 CRV 4WD EX Sport 4-speed AT around 150k miles. About 5 months ago I did a replacement of all the fluids (ATF, rear diff, power steering) per the service schedule (with honda genuine fluids of course!). That went fine, drove it from WA -> CA and back for the summer without issue. I then had an issue pop up with the flashing D light and inspection of the error code indicated a failing 3rd gear pressure switch sensor which I replaced, reset the code, and the error wasn't heard from again.

Fast foward to about a week ago when I went to return a trailer to u-haul for a friend (it should be noted I've never actually used the crv to tow before). To be fair, I shouldn't have done this as I realized after the fact the dry weight of the trailer, 1700lbs, was more than what the CRV is rated for - however seeing that people have towed far more I doubt this is what is the original source of my problems. Anyway, less than a mile from picking up the trailer and going down a slight hill at around 30mph the car starts jerking or skidding. Hard to describe it but something was definitely wrong. Pulled into a parking lot and after some short test drives I decided it was okay enough to turn around and bring it back to the house. Once at the house I noticed that there was now a grinding noise present that occurred with the car in park, drive, neutral, 1st, 2nd, etc and it appeared the noise was coming from the transmission not the engine. Ended up driving back to my house being fairly certain something was bad with the transmission and that I'd need to replace it eventually.

Well, turns out the need to replace was much sooner than I would've guessed. While driving today I lost power to the wheels (engine still revved fine) - it turns out that by turning off the car and waiting a minute or two or more would get the transmission to function again for a couple minutes. I just barely made it to a nearby dealership and had them look at it (kinda a waste of money still) and they confirmed a grind/pop/engagement issue, filtered the ATF and found it to be dark, smelled burnt, and had metal debris which were likely from gear teeth or bearings. They also found error codes of P0700, P0753 Shift solenoid Valve A, P0780 Mechanical problem in hydraulic control system.

So at this point, I'm looking for used transmissions to do the replacement. I helped by brother years ago with a transmission replacement on a corvette but that's about it. Anyone whose done this job, how big of a pain in the ass will it be? I've got access to a lift and the service manual but not much on youtube so if anyone has any important tips when doing the job I'd love to hear it. Also I should ask, is it likely that the full transmission assembly is all I need or does a problem as I've described necessitate other repairs as well?

Thanks all!
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