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Hey y'all,

Before i go any further i should mention i am not a very knowledgeable car chick, but i do know the basics of an engine. I recently came into possession of a 'lemon' of a car. It's a 2002 Honda CR-V automatic with 314k plus miles. The history of the car since i got it. After driving off used car lot i started to experience a VTEC failure issue where the computer would limit revs to below 2750 rpm(code p1254).

Codes that had popped were:
P1254 vtec failure
P1164 ho2s s1 lean range problem
P0141 ho2s s2 heater circuit
12-01 rf speed sensor failure
62-01 batt voltage

Srs codes:

Got it home and had big o tires do a over all diagnosis after an oil light had come on(had a leaking oil pan.) Got the oil pan fixed but it still goes through about 5 quart in a week. So roughly every 1100miles.

They also found there were a gash in the rf to cords
Dry rot and a bunch of other things like struts and such.

More recently after battery got to low i had new codes pop this time they were:
P0304 misfire on cylinder #4
P1259 (again, vtec failure)
P0341 cmp sensor a and ckp sensor incorrect phase detected
P0304 misfire on cylinder #4(yes came up twice)
P0011 VTC system malfunction

Couldnt fix any of this as i didnt have the cash at the time. So was driving it around till today jan 3 2019. After driving my normal 110 miles home from work. It sat in the parking lot and cooked down a bit. Had to go run some errands so i checked oil. Barely registered as a drop on the bottom of the dipstick.. added 2 quarts(i am up to about 15 quarts since the oil pan was fixed)

Went and got fuel from shell i don't have issues with running with thier mid-grade. And went of to do errands. Aftwr leaving first store it stalled at a light. I started it back up and seemed to be a little rough on running but not bad.

Drove it for about another 6 blocks before getting it to another light and stopped. Died second time. This tine it wouldnt stay idling and would just continue to stall everytime i put it into gear then even when idling.

Got it to a parking lot and off intersection with help of a stranger. He started to help me diagnose check things. Luckily i bough the hydes maibt. Book when the battery had gitten to low to start engine a coupke weeks prior.

First we checked spark plugs after giving the engine a visual and adding a bit mkre oil. Spark plugs seem in need of changing.. he used some cleaner. As we went through we found that(i believe i have it on the correct order) from right to left spark plug 1 was fine as well as coil pack. Spark plug two sémed to have sone sort of build up.(i had added some stp oil additice to try and deal with leak). The coil pack had no real suction/grip when pulling out. Number 3 spark plug and coik pack showed signs of oil leak around it. And spark plug was dirty like number 2.
Number 4 coil pack showed sighs of tempature issues (looked/smelled like it was 'burning' (getting too hot). Bum er 4 spark plug was blackened with build up.

He cleaned all for spark plugs with some cleaner (sorry i dont remeber what the cleaner was called). Still had the issue of it stalling on idle if the throttle was not engaged. So checked on line for well as the book.

Found we needed to check coolant levels. Coolent reservoir was empty, and seemed radiator was not a lot better off(never had issue with the temp going too high while driving it.)

So he ran off and grabbed a jug of coolant. We started to fill and burp the vehicle which took almost all of the coolant in the (?5 quart) container. Let it heat up (revs kept between 2000 and 1200 with accelerator throttling) till the fan engaged to force any air out.

Let that go for about 5 maybw 10 minutes after it had stopped burping then let off slowly of the gas. It dripped down to about 700-500 rpms. And stayed. Put everything back together and drove it aroubd this burgwr king parking lot we had been working in for the last about 2 hours. No issues.

So i drove it hone after thanking the guy. Was very cautious/worried i might have the issue again. Turned off the engine when i got tback to thebapatment complex not finishing my errands. And hoped it would start back up after it had cooled down.

When inside to sleep before work. Well tonight i got up for work and tried to start it. It started doing thwbidle issue again. Revved for about 30 seconds maybe a minute before losing all revs and stalling. Tried to start it again with the issue back using the throttle to maintain revs and nkt stall while it warmed up. Kept it at about 1500 rpm cause much lower it felt like it would start to have a hard time firing.

It got warmed up and i let go of the throttle and it stalled. Tried a couple more times to start it with no success to remain on. Checked thw radiator cap for air in the system again as there was previously when we had checked before.

No pressure on the cap. Checked reserve its full, checked the radiator seemed to be full as well, i think. Now i am at a loss of the cause...

Anyone got any advise?
(Sorry for the long post). Two posta on here from like 2010 i had found when trying to figure out the issue earlier today. Links below.


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you have got way too many issues going on there. Someone tore that thing up because I have never seen a gen 2 that tore up.

Obviously the oil pan wasnt leaking for they never fixed it as you paid to have done if its leaking out that much oil.

Your list is just too long and not enough information to go on (or confusing to follow). Need to find a decent shop to have them look at it.

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Having a shop look at this vehicle is going to cost a LOT more than $47. :zx11shock

You need to prioritize your repairs.
Start with a pressure test of a cold cooling system (free testers are available at USA auto parts stores)

Compression & leak-down tests (loaner testers are available also) are recommended (might isolate the oil burning issue)

Try cleaning the throttle body for the poor idle (Wipe, don't spray the inside)

The VTEC and lean failures will continue to cause issues if not corrected (Limp Mode). Parts needed! Hopefully you are not still driving on a tire with cord showing through...


Glad you found a Good Samaritan!

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Ya but shes already wasted money getting no where, just adding to the problems because whoever she had do current repairs didnt do them or messed them up.

First issue is why does it keep stalling.

Cleaning the throttle body is good idea. Can spray it just fine, not going to hurt a single thing spraying throttle body cleaner or brake cleaner through it. But will need to wipe off the thick spots on the throttle plate. Only issue with spraying is engine will be a little hard to restart when done. Holding gas pedal down till it starts speeds this up.

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