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RE: Specific to 2003 CR-V, Speed Bleeders, 3rd Party Vendors ? Part Numbers ?


I hope I've placed this post in the correct sub-forum...please advise if I should post in a different sub-forum for more exposure to the members !

Does anyone know if a 3rd party vendor, manufactures brake caliper 'Speed Bleeders' for both the front and rear calipers for a 2003 CR-V ? Would you happen to know the actual correct part number(s) and/or the URL(s) for the vendor part numbers ?

Here's what the Dorman website shows:


FRONT: Brake Bleeder Screws - Quick Bleeders - M10-1.0 X 33mm

REAR: Brake Bleeder Screws - Quick Bleeders - M8-1.25 X 28mm

What I'm miffed at is that the Fronts Vs. Rears snow (2) different threads and lengths. However, when I have the actual OEM Bleeders in my hand, they sure look the same; Not different threads and lengths ?
FRONT: M10-1.0 X 33mm
REAR: M8-1.25 X 28mm

Is this correct ? Are they really different thread pitch ?

I've come across a few vendors (i.e. Dorman, etc..), however as I recall, they're not exactly specified for this CR-V generation or specific year (2003). Also, they seem to list only the rear calipers and not the fronts.

Should I also look under a different Honda model and year ? (i.e. Accord, Civic, etc...?)

If so, could you reply within this forum's messages, or directly to me at:
65gtotrips{aht}gmail{daht}com [Phonetic spelling]

I appreciate any and all feedback you can provide !


David Larkins
Call/Text to:
(610) 842-7905
65gtotrips{aht}gmail{daht}com [Phonetic Spelling]

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