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I have a 2003 EX Crv that I bought last winter. So far I have not had much of a problem with it other than basic maintenance. However, with the cold setting in, I have noticed a very weird problem with the car. When it is really cold outside (generally under 20 degrees), the car is able to start, but is seems like it has some major difficulty staying running. Absolutely no problem physically starting, just after it is already running. I've attached a link to the video of what the car does.

(Just add in the youtube portion )

(When the RPM goes up at the end, that's me pressing on the gas)

It only does this for a few minutes then the gauges all go back to normal and the car drives completely normal. It never does anything like this when it is warmer outside.
I already replaced the battery about 2 months ago and have had that tested and its fine. I am not sure what could be causing the issue though since by the time i get it to a shop, the car has stabilized and it isn't throwing an codes.
Really not sure what is causing this but would really like a solution. Hoping to keep it out of the dealership as long as possible (college student here :( )

So far the only thing I can see that is causing the problem is directly related to the cold having some sort of effect on a component that otherwise appears to be functioning fine.
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