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2003 CRV sensor indicator

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The check engine light came on in my 2003 CR-V a month ago. The car was driven minimally for three days (maybe 20 miles total) and the indicator light stayed on the whole time. On the forth day I had the code read, and was told it was P0134 (O2 sensor). The light turned off after reading the code, but then turned back on briefly 2 weeks for half a day.

Four weeks after the original indicator notification, the check engine light turned back on and when I had the code read it now says P0325 (Knock sensor) and P0134 (O2 sensor). By the time I left the auto store the check engine indicator light turned off again.

I am trying to figure out what is happening. Is there really an issue? Why does the check engine light turn off after being read? Are the engine codes related to each other?

The car has just over 224,000 miles on it. The EVAP canister was replaced in May 2019 and the starter was replaced in Dec 2019.
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Might be a wiring issue? Any evidence of rodents? Exhaust OK? Corrosion at the O2 connectors?

P0134 =
- open or short in the oxygen sensor wiring or connector
- open or short at the oxygen sensor heater circuit
- bad sensor ground
- exhaust leaks
There are reports here of knock sensor wiring being 'disturbed' when starters are replaced...
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