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I have a 2003 CR-V EX. I was trying to change the bulbs in my Cruise control switch and I created a direct short (I saw a small spark with one of the bulbs and the smell of burning electrical) Now when I turn on my park and headlights, ALL dash lights (except for the one over the speedometer) does not light, radio is very dim, and heater control, and all other dash lights are out. When the lights are off the gear indicator lights work, as soon as lights are turned on they go out.

I've searched and found a few threads with pretty much the same symptoms but no resolutions were ever posted.

Does anybody know what controls these lights? Is it through the instrument cluster? I've searched the web and have found similar problems with Accords and Civics where they talk about a "multiplexer" being burned out being the cause. I don't see anything that says the CR-V has one of these units. I read on a forum where someone said the "multiplexer" is part of the fuse box on the 2nd gen CRV. ?????

It just so happens that my 2004 CR-V was totaled by the insurance company and is still in my possession so I have another vehicle to swap parts with, at lease for a short time!!

PLEASE help point me in the right direction.

I have checked a few fuses that I thought could be a problem but they were all good.

And YES I WILL disconnect the neg battery cable next time. Lesson learned!

Thanks in advance.
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