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I recently bought an 03 Cr-v for my daughter. The front struts/springs were worn out so I replaced them. Sadly one of the bolts securing the spring assembly to the axle (right there at the rotor) loosened and came free. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident, BUT the wheel, no longer held in place by the bolt, sat at an uncomfortable 45 degree angle as a result of the way the car was slightly moving at the time. Thankfully we were just backing in then out of a parking spot.

Bottom line - we got the car jacked up so that we could re-secure the spring assembly to the axle. HOWEVER, the axle joint had come out of its socket. It was dark while this occurred & as I was doing something else, my brother-in-law said he turned it somehow and got the joint back in place.

It's not though. It drives like it's got a bad, correction, horrendous not in the tire or as if it's completely out of balance and out of alignment. So thinking that that was the problem, I took it to my local Goodyear shop and have them do And rear alignment balance and rotation. However, they did not fix the problem. So I believe it has something to do with the front joint.

I have trust issues with our local dealership and our local mom-and-pop Honda certified repair shop. So I'm curious if anyone can give any suggestions or advice on the matter.

Is this something that I should only let the dealership handle? Or is this something that an experienced mechanic can handle from his home shop?

This is my daughters car so your advice is suggested!!!

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